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Re: [libvirt] libvirt use of dnsmasq to provide dhcp-ipv6 service

On 09/10/2012 03:35 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> Since around the 2.61 dnsmasq supports providing dhcp-ipv6 services. 
> Yes, I am aware that F17, F18, and rawhide all currently have dnsmasq
> 2.59 ... I am currently running dnsmasq-2.63.

Interesting. Makes me wonder who is the owner of dnsmasq on Fedora...

> What are the plans for supporting dhcp-ipv6 from dnsmasq?

Currently we rely on ipv6 autoconf as handled by radvd. How widespread
is dhcp-ipv6?

> I noticed that if you plug in a dhcp range specification under an ipv6
> definition in the xml configuration file that virsh net-edit does not
> complain about it ... it just makes it disappear!

That's what happens with just about any XML that libvirt doesn't
understand - if you give a known attribute an unrecognized value, it
will complain, but if you add a completely unknown attribute or element,
it will be ignored during parsing (in other words, it will be thrown
away, so it won't show up if you ask libvirt to spit back the XML).

> Is the code there but not enabled because you need to support earlier
> versions of dnsmasq?  If the code is there, what is the "magic switch"
> to turn it on?  I understand that if I do that I may well be on my own.
> Gene
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