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[libvirt] libvirt & git send-email

I have (hopefully) figured out how to use git and have submitted three emails: a cover, updates for IPv4 and updates for IPv6 ... in fact, I have done this twice ... once yesterday around noon and again a few minutes ago. I submitted them today because the emails had not appeared on libvir-lst.

So, after sending them today my CC appeared and a minute or so later the patches appeared on the mailing list. BUT, these emails were the ones I sent yesterday, are dated such, have yesterday's subject line (today's was very slightly different), and had the Message-id from yesterday.

Yes, both yesterday and today, I tested doing the "git send-email" by specifying some different email addresses I have and I, indeed, received two copies (TO and CC).

If anyone knows what happened, please tell me. If I screwed something up, I would like to not do it again.

The from email address matches the email address that is subscribed to this list so that should not be the problem.

If this remains a mystery, so be it.


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