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Re: [libvirt] libvirt & git send-email

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:53:33AM -0400, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> I have (hopefully) figured out how to use git and have submitted
> three emails: a cover, updates for IPv4 and updates for IPv6 ... in
> fact, I have done this twice ... once yesterday around noon and
> again a few minutes ago.  I submitted them today because the emails
> had not appeared on libvir-lst.
> So, after sending them today my CC appeared and a minute or so later
> the patches appeared on the mailing list.  BUT, these emails were
> the ones I sent yesterday, are dated such, have yesterday's subject
> line (today's was very slightly different), and had the Message-id
> from yesterday.
> Yes, both yesterday and today, I tested doing the "git send-email"
> by specifying some different email addresses I have and I, indeed,
> received two copies (TO and CC).
> If anyone knows what happened, please tell me.  If I screwed
> something up, I would like to not do it again.
> The from email address matches the email address that is subscribed
> to this list so that should not be the problem.

AFAICT, you did everything correctly. I saw both sets of patches
you sent, one date Tuesday 11th, and the other Wednesday 12th.
IIRC, I received both series shortly after you sent them - the
Received headers don't show any wierd delays in either patchset.

> If this remains a mystery, so be it.

What's on the list archive & my INBOX looks normal, so the only
thing I can imagine is that the Red Hat outbound mail servers
had some delay in delivering your copy. Unfortunately there's
nothing I can do to confirm that since I've no access to Red
Hat mail logs.

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