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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/4] virNetworkUpdate bugfixes

The 4 patches here are in decreasing order of importance. The first:

  [PATCH 1/4] network: don't refresh iptables rules on networks

prevents proper behavior with a valid request when modifying the
interface pool list of a macvtap or hostdev network (because it tries
to refresh non-existent iptables rules, fails, then aborts the update).

The second:

  [PATCH 2/4] network: make virNetworkObjUpdate error
                       detection/recovery better

fixes two problems that would crop up when attempting an invalid
update to a network.

The third was pointed out by DV in his review of the dhcp-range and
portgroup update backends:

  [PATCH 3/4] network: log error for unknown virNetworkUpdate command

would allow a call to the virNetworkUpdate() API with an unknown
command number to succeed (it wouldn't do anything, but might provide
the illusion that it *had*).

The fourth:

  [PATCH 4/4] network: backend for virNetworkUpdate of interface list

is the last of the networkUpdate section backends that I was
explicitly/specifically asked to implement.

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