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Re: [libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.10.2

On 09/24/2012 01:18 PM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Since there was no negative feedback since rc2, I have rolled the
> release a bit earlier this morning, it is tagged in git and available
> as usual at:
>    ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/

Thanks. Just testing on Fedora-18. So far everything smooth.

[root localhost ~]# rpm -q libvirt-daemon-kvm qemu-kvm ; uname -r
[root localhost ~]# virsh list
 Id    Name                           State
 2     f17vm1                         running

[root localhost ~]#

Also testing blockcommit related work now.


>  Quite a bit of new APIs and some other features, this also includes
> a fairly large amount of bug fixes and improvements (250+ commits in
> 4 weeks so quite an active month !):
> Features:
> - network: define new API virNetworkUpdate (Laine Stump)
> - add support for QEmu sandbox support (Ján Tomko)
> - blockjob: add virDomainBlockCommit (Eric Blake)
> - node_memory: Define the APIs to get/set memory parameters (Osier Yang)
> - list: Define new API virConnectListAllSecrets (Osier Yang)
> - list: Define new API virConnectListAllNWFilters (Osier Yang)
> - list: Define new API virConnectListAllNodeDevices (Osier Yang)
> - parallels: add support of containers to the driver (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - list: Define new API virConnectListAllInterfaces (Osier Yang)
> - list: Define new API virConnectListAllNetworks (Osier Yang)
> - list: Define new API virStoragePoolListAllVolumes (Osier Yang)
> - Add PMSUSPENDED life cycle event (Jiri Denemark)
> - list: Define new API virStorageListAllStoragePools (Osier Yang)
> - Add per-guest S3/S4 state configuration (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: Support for Block Device IO Limits (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> Documentation:
> - locking: Remove README file in favor of internals/locking.html (Jiri Denemark)
> - fix typo in filesystem docs (Eric Blake)
> - include article about libvirt+audit in relatedlinks.html (Marcelo Cerri)
> - virsh: Clarify behavior of domain list filtering. (Peter Krempa)
> - update usb redirection filter infomation on formatdomain.html (Guannan Ren)
> - mention another iaas app built on libvirt (Eric Blake)
> - page.xsl: fix FAQ link in subdirectories (Ján Tomko)
> - hacking.html.in: fix table of contents (Ján Tomko)
> - point out git send-email location, be more stern about make check (Laine Stump)
> - examples: Fix event detail printing in python test (Jiri Denemark)
> - virsh: Improve the document for pool-list (Osier Yang)
> - conf: describe security_driver behavior (Martin Kletzander)
> - correct dompmwakeup description (Martin Kletzander)
> Portability:
> - build: fix nodeinfo build on non-Linux platforms (Eric Blake)
> - virBitmap: fix build without HAVE_NUMACTL (Ján Tomko)
> - build: Fix build failure on non-linux platform (Osier Yang)
> - build: fix missing include (Dwight Engen)
> - Look in Debian's multiarch libs too (Guido Günther)
> - build: don't fail if libnl-3 is not found (Eric Blake)
> - build: Fix typo which causes build failure (Osier Yang)
> - build: force libnl1 if netcf also used libnl1 (Eric Blake)
> - build: fix build on older gcc (Eric Blake)
> - Fix location of SELinux mount during RPM builds (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - nwfilter: drop use of awk (Eric Blake)
> - build: improved handling of <execinfo.h>, BSD <net/if.h> (Eric Blake)
> - Define DYNLIB_NAME on OpenBSD. (Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse)
> - build: avoid test failure when sasl was not compiled in (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid check-symfile on non-Linux (Eric Blake)
> - build: require netcf-0.2.2 when installing on Fedora18+ (Laine Stump)
> - build: don't fail when xsltproc is missing (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid warnings from gcc 4.2.1 (Eric Blake)
> - Remove explicit dependency on ceph RPM (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Pass a correct pointer type to localtime_r(3). (Paul Eggert)
> - build: use correct libraries for clock_gettime (Eric Blake)
> - Include an extra header needed for OpenBSD. (Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse)
> - Fix mingw64 build by using intptr_t for int->void* casts (Daniel P. Berrange)
> Bug Fixes:
> - network: don't "refresh" iptables rules on rule-less networks (Laine Stump)
> - qemu: Fix failure path in disk hotplug (Jiri Denemark)
> - Ensure existing selinux mount is removed before mounting new one in LXC (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix crash accessing a NULL URI when looking up auth credentials (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Ensure autogen.sh exists if bootstrap fails (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - security: Don't ignore errors when parsing DAC security labels (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Transition domain to PAUSED after 'stop' command (Michal Privoznik)
> - network: fix element size / length in memmove (Laine Stump)
> - network: fix incorrect VIR_NETWORK_UPDATE_COMMAND_* values (Laine Stump)
> - virsh: Fix resource leaks when editing files. (Peter Krempa)
> - util: don't print free'd dmidecode path (Eric Blake)
> - rpc: Fix name of member in remote_protocol-structs (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Avoid deadlock on HandleAgentEOF (Michal Privoznik)
> - conf: avoid freeing network object with undestroyed mutex (Laine Stump)
> - Add missing 'goto error' in QEMU command line building (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix initialization of virCommandPtr when creating QEMU argv (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix 3 broken test cases which were mistakenly raising errors (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: fix uninitialized variable in qemuParseCommandLine (Ján Tomko)
> - security: Fix libvirtd crash possibility (Martin Kletzander)
> - snapshot: fix rollback failure in transaction mode (Guannan Ren)
> - conf: avoid libvirt crash with empty address guestfwd channel (Alex Jia)
> - Wait to receive QMP greeting before sending any monitor commands (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - parallels: fix parallelsDomainDefineXML for domains with VNC and autoport (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: fix parallelsDoCmdRun in case of command failure (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - Backcompt for console devices in virDomainDeviceInfoIterate (Li Zhang)
> - fix bug in qemuSetupCgroupForEmulator (Hu Tao)
> - python: Initialize new_params in virDomainSetSchedulerParameters (Federico Simoncelli)
> - Don't invoke the auth callback if all credentials were in config file (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Call virResetLastError in all virConnectOpen* functions (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Check against python None type when filling in auth parameters (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix crash passing an empty list to python openAuth() API (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix unwanted closing of libvirt client connection (Christophe Fergeau)
> - Fix RPM spec conditional when %{rhel} is not defined (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - events: Fix domain event race on client disconnect (Christophe Fergeau)
> - Don't assume use of /sys/fs/cgroup (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - remove dnsmasq command line parameter "--filterwin2k" (Gene Czarcinski)
> - network: prevent infinite hang if ovs-vswitchd isn't running (Laine Stump)
> - qemu: don't pin all the cpus (Martin Kletzander)
> - build: use re-entrant functions in virsh (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: Do not require auth scheme in graphics events (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Fix reboot with guest agent (Jiri Denemark)
> - qemu: Don't update graphic definitions on password change failure (Peter Krempa)
> - python: don't mask libvirt errors (Eric Blake)
> - command: shell-quote when logging commands (Eric Blake)
> - qemu: fix remote port searching (Martin Kletzander)
> - schemas: Fix wwn pattern (Osier Yang)
> Improvements:
> - Don't install legacy initscripts at same time as systemd ones (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - network: log error for unknown virNetworkUpdate command codes (Laine Stump)
> - network: make virNetworkObjUpdate error detection/recovery better (Laine Stump)
> - Drop unused return value of virLogOutputFunc (Miloslav Trmač)
> - Add <seclabel> to character devices. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - Make virSecurityDeviceLabelDefParseXML into generic device <seclabel> parser. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - Improve some debugging log messages in LXC mount setup (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - network: backend for virNetworkUpdate of portgroups (Laine Stump)
> - network: backend for virNetworkUpdate of dhcp range (Laine Stump)
> - virsh: new net-update command (Laine Stump)
> - tests: Add tests for dump-core option (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: add support for dump-guest-core option (Martin Kletzander)
> - Add support for limiting guest coredump (Martin Kletzander)
> - QEMU Tests for reboot-timeout (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: Add support for reboot-timeout (Martin Kletzander)
> - Add support for reboot-timeout (Martin Kletzander)
> - simplify xenXMDomainPinVcpu function (liguang)
> - Cleanup of domain_conf sentinels (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: Cleanup boot parameter building (Martin Kletzander)
> - virsh: Move daemon to misc since its not a network (Doug Goldstein)
> - build: define WITH_INTERFACE for the driver (Doug Goldstein)
> - virsh: Rename QEmu to QEMU to match upstream (Doug Goldstein)
> - bitmap: fix problems in previous commit (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid non-portable byte-swapping (Eric Blake)
> - Fix minor details not only in apic eoi (Martin Kletzander)
> - secret: Fix error for private secrets (Martin Kletzander)
> - virNetDevBandwidthClear: Improve error handling (Martin Kletzander)
> - syntax-check: fix run.in (Martin Kletzander)
> - Add a ./run script for running programs from the local directory. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - daemon: Fix error message when libvirtd is missing. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - gitignore: Ignore .gdb_history file. (Richard W.M. Jones)
> - Fix the augea test for qemu libvirtd options (Daniel Veillard)
> - network: implement backend of virNetworkUpdate(IP_DHCP_HOST) (Laine Stump)
> - network: restart radvd/dnsmasq if needed when libvirtd is restarted (Laine Stump)
> - network: implement virNetworkUpdate for test_driver (Laine Stump)
> - network: implement virNetworkUpdate for bridge_driver (Laine Stump)
> - network: reorganize dnsmasq and radvd config file / startup (Laine Stump)
> - conf: implement NetworkObj backend of virNetworkUpdate API (Laine Stump)
> - network: utility functions for updating network config (Laine Stump)
> - network: implement RPC calls for virNetworkUpdate (Laine Stump)
> - tests: add qemu-1.2.0 help data (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: add -sandbox to command line if requested (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: conf: add seccomp_sandbox option (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: add capability flag for seccomp sandbox (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: Use disk wwn in qemu command line (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: Add caps to indentify if setting wwn is supported by qemu (Osier Yang)
> - conf: Parse and format disk <wwn> (Osier Yang)
> - schema: Add schema for disk <wwn> (Osier Yang)
> - blockjob: add blockcommit support to rpc (Eric Blake)
> - blockjob: add virsh blockcommit (Eric Blake)
> - conf: separate functions to parse DHCPHostDef and DHCPRangeDef (Laine Stump)
> - remove virDomainCpuSetFormat and virDomainCpuSetParse (Hu Tao)
> - xen: eliminate remaining uses of virDomainCpuSetParse (Laine Stump)
> - use virBitmap to store nodeinfo. (Hu Tao)
> - use virBitmap to store cells' cpumask info. (Hu Tao)
> - use virBitmap to store cpumask info. (Hu Tao)
> - use virBitmap to store numa nodemask info. (Hu Tao)
> - use virBitmap to store cpu affinity info (Hu Tao)
> - use virBitmap to store cpupin info (Hu Tao)
> - New functions for virBitmap (Hu Tao)
> - bitmap: new member variable and function renaming (Hu Tao)
> - Build: Fix typos which cause build failure (Osier Yang)
> - node_memory: Expose the APIs to Python bindings (Osier Yang)
> - node_memory: Expose the APIs to virsh (Osier Yang)
> - node_memory: Support get/set memory parameters for drivers (Osier Yang)
> - node_memory: Implement the internal APIs (Osier Yang)
> - node_memory: Wire up the RPC protocol (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllSecrets in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Expose virConnectListAllSecrets to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllSecrets (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement RPC calls for virConnectListAllSecrets (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllNWFilters in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Expose virConnectListAllNWFilters to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllNWFilters (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement RPC calls for virConnectListAllNWFilters (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllNodeDevices in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Don't motify the const string (Osier Yang)
> - list: Expose virConnectListAllNodeDevices to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllNodeDevices (Osier Yang)
> - list: Add helpers for listing node devices (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement RPC calls for virConnectListAllNodeDevices (Osier Yang)
> - Introduce a API for creating QEMU capabilities for a binary (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Remove upfront check for hmp - just try it cope with failure (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Don't overwrite errors raised by qemuMonitorHMPCommand (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - qemu: Add support for EOI with APIC (Martin Kletzander)
> - Add support for EOI with APIC (Martin Kletzander)
> - Improve virTypedParameterValidateSet (Osier Yang)
> - parallels: implement containers creation (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: fix parallelsDomainDefineXML for existing containers (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - parallels: handle unlimited cpus on containers (Dmitry Guryanov)
> - Fix data types used for list sizes in QEMU capabilities (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add API for copying instances of the qemuCapsPtr object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add ability to store other metadata in the qemu capabilities object (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Make qemuCapsProbeCommand static (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Turn QEMU capabilities object into a full virObjectPtr (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Allow caps to be NULL when creating virDomainObjPtr instances (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add a virBitmapCopy API (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - test: add xml2argvtest for usb-redir filter and update xml schema (Guannan Ren)
> - qemu: build USB redirection filter qemu command line (Guannan Ren)
> - qemu: define and parse USB redirection filter XML (Guannan Ren)
> - virsh: Fix version numbers in comments (Osier Yang)
> - qemu: add usb-redir.filter qemu capability flag (Guannan Ren)
> - maint: fix missing spaces in message (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid confusing make with raw name 'undefine' (Eric Blake)
> - Add API for opening a QEMU monitor from a socket FD (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - list: Expose virConnectListAllInterfaces to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllInterfaces in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllInterfaces (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implemente RPC calls for virConnectListAllInterfaces (Osier Yang)
> - build: avoid dirty docs on fresh bootstrap (Eric Blake)
> - Print any exception that occurs in authentication callback (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - virsh: Fix the typos (Osier Yang)
> - list: Expose virConnectListAllNetworks to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllNetworks in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllNetworks for test driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllNetworks for network driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Add helpers to list network objects (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement RPC calls for virConnectListAllNetworks (Osier Yang)
> - list: Expose virStoragePoolListAllVolumes to Python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virStoragePoolListAllVolumes in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement virStoragePoolListAllVolumes for test driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement virStoragePoolListAllVolumes for storage driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement RPC calls for virStoragePoolListAllVolumes (Osier Yang)
> - Introduce a test suite for the JSON monitor (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add helper library for testing the qemu monitor code (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Add non-null annotations to qemuMonitorOpen (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - Fix PMSuspend and PMWakeup events (Jiri Denemark)
> - virsh: Update only changed scheduler tunables (Peter Krempa)
> - util: Add helper to assign typed params from string (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: Add range checking for scheduler tunables when changed by API (Peter Krempa)
> - qemu: clean up qemuSetSchedulerParametersFlags() (Peter Krempa)
> - list: fix typo in virsh patch (Eric Blake)
> - Remove duplicate symbols and add test case (Daniel P. Berrange)
> - python: Expose virStorageListAllStoragePools to python binding (Osier Yang)
> - list: Use virConnectListAllStoragePools in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - list: Change MATCH for common use in virsh (Osier Yang)
> - virsh: Fix the wrong doc for pool-list (Osier Yang)
> - list: Add helper to convert strings separated by ', ' to array (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllStoragePools for test driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement listAllStoragePools for storage driver (Osier Yang)
> - list: Implement the RPC calls for virConnectListAllStoragePools (Osier Yang)
> - list: Add helpers for listing storage pool objects (Osier Yang)
> - esx: Add implementation for virConnectListAllDomains() (Peter Krempa)
> - hyperv: Add implementation for virConnectListAllDomains() (Peter Krempa)
> - maint: avoid doubled name in syntax check failures (Eric Blake)
> - Rename iolimit to blockio. (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - tests: Add tests for qemu S3/S4 state configuration (Martin Kletzander)
> - qemu: Add support for S3/S4 state configuration (Martin Kletzander)
> - conf: Support for Block Device IO Limits (Viktor Mihajlovski)
> - virsh: Improve checking for connection when running commands (Peter Krempa)
> - util: Update the inconsistent and outdated comments (Osier Yang)
> Cleanups:
> - Remove redundant lines in src/qemu/qemu_driver.c (Tang Chen)
> - Remove a redundant line in src/qemu/qemu_driver.c (Tang Chen)
> - maint: fix up copyright notice inconsistencies (Eric Blake)
> - build: avoid unused symbol (Eric Blake)
> - Adhere to copyright_address check (Guido Günther)
> - qemuhelptest: convert runaway tab to spaces (Ján Tomko)
> - qemu: drop unused arguments for dump-guest-memory (Eric Blake)
> - Build: Fix typos which cause build failure (Osier Yang)
> - esx: Remove unused variable from esxDomainGetAutostart (Matthias Bolte)
> - build: avoid tabs that failed syntax-check (Eric Blake)
> - virsh: remove unneeded usage of vshConnectionUsability() (Peter Krempa)
>   Thanks everybody for the help on this release, with bug reports,
> ideas and patches ! I would expect the next release to happen at the end
> of October, i.e. keep the monthly release schedule,
> Daniel

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