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Re: [libvirt] Fw: Enabling Freescale PowerPC Architecture support for Libvirt

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 07:45:20PM +0800, VeeraReddy wrote:
> Hi ,
> We want to enable Freescale PowerPC Architecture support for
> Libvirt. So that Libvirt can be run on Freescale Platforms.
> Please let us know how do we proceed on this.
> Do we need to implement our architecture driver for this and
> send it to you so that further releases of Libvirt will have Freescale
> Architecture support or do we need to follow any other approach.

It is a little tricky to clearly answer your question, since I'm not
entirely sure what you are wanting to achieve. It is already possible
to compile libvirt on the PPC/PPC64 architectures, and you will have
the ability to use at least the QEMU and LXC drivers of libvirt. I'm
not sure what the state of KVM support is - it probably mostly works,
but we don't have anyone regularly testing it AFAIK.

Configuring custom CPU models for PPC based guests might need some
work. Also not sure what the state of NUMA support is - I presume
that libnuma 'just works' on PPC.

Do you have knowledge of specific problems with libvirt on PPC ? If
not then my recommnendation is to simply take the latest libvirt
code from GIT, compile it on your architecture and try to use it and
identify bits which are broken / mising. We are happy to receive bug
reports about problems on non-x86 architectures, and even happier when
people supply patches for them too

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