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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] Fix dnsmasq/radvd on bridges not being able to be bound to IPv6 address on "recent" kernels

Le vendredi 21 septembre 2012 à 12:24 -0600, Eric Blake a écrit :
> On 09/21/2012 11:04 AM, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> > Ping?
> > 
> >>>
> >>> Thanks. BTW, if this patch is commited, I'm already in AUTHORS under
> >>> another email address, which is OK.
> Our syntax checker wants us to add a .mailmap listing, so that your
> preferred email address is in AUTHORS.  Let me know if you want to pivot
> which address of yours is treated as preferred.

Forgot to re-send that.

diff --git a/.mailmap b/.mailmap
index 3ec5a3f..76e6513 100644
--- a/.mailmap
+++ b/.mailmap
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
 <josh durgin inktank com> <josh durgin dreamhost com>
 <gerd egidy de> <lists egidy de>
 <gerd egidy de> <gerd von egidy intra2net com>
+<benoar dolka fr> <benjamin cama telecom-bretagne eu>
 # Name consolidation:
 # Preferred author spelling <preferred email>

Benjamin Cama <benjamin cama telecom-bretagne eu>

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