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[libvirt] curious about dnsmasq --conf-file=

I understand why there currently is "--conf-file= " on the dnsmasq command line ... you do not want dnsmasq to use anything in /etc/dnsmasq.conf.

OK, but dnsmasq is picking up a lot of command line parameters. Why aren't these parameters put into a libvirt specific conf file such as is done with radvd?

Is there some reason that only command line parameters are used? I can understand that it could be a matter of style/personal choice by the individual that originally did it and, it currently works, so why mess with it? But, if a patch was created which changed things from the command line to a conf file, would that be accepted?

BTW, I noticed that there are no tests for what is done with radvd but there are tests for the dnsmasq command line options. These tests would no longer apply and thus be deleted. Can anyone cite an example test for parameters put into a conf file? Or, have some of those tests become OBE? I must say that I have found the tests valuable in seeing and debugging additional command line parameters.


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