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Re: [libvirt] the libnl3-devel problem

On 09/30/2012 01:08 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> Is the libnl3-devel problem where, if it is installed, libvirt will
> build using libnl3 but, on F17, netcf is still using libnl and the
> result is ... not pretty.
> If someone believes this is fixed in 0.10.2, they are in error.
> Question:  Just how hard would be be to get netcf rebuilt and using
> libnl3?

Not hard, but we can't switch the f17 netcf to use libnl3 (it was enough
pain doing that for f18, which hasn't even been released yet - there's
no way we could put an already released OS through that).

If you want to built your own netcf using libnl3, you could do that.
Just grab the latest source, then run "./autogen.sh --system && make &&
make check && sudo make install".

> It is just that I keep getting bit in the rear end by this problem ...
> current NetworkManager requires libnl3-devel to build but, if you then
> build libvirt without removing libnl3-devel, everything looks good but
> it is not.

We *thought* we had this fixed, but it actually wasn't until shortly
*after* 0.10.2 was released. The problem was that the method chosen for
*ignoring* the check for libnl1 was to look for LIBNL_CFLAGS being set,
and it just happened that LIBNL_CFLAGS was *always* set to "" by
configure.ac, rendering that check useless. See commit f6c2951 for details.

Since you're building libvirt from git, if you update to the latest you
should be able to just do a normal autogen.sh run, and get makefiles
that link with libnl1. If not, then it's still broken - look at the
stuff related to libnl in configure.ac and try to make it work :-).

(fortunately, you seem to be the only person in the world aside from me
who has attempted to build both NetworkManager and libvirt on the same
F17 system :-)

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