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[libvirt] Patch set to add InteractiveContainer support to virt-sandbox

Resend of patches with lots of cleanups.

This patch set adds InteractiveContainer support to virt-sandbox-service 
command.  This is needed if we want to support the OpenShift model of 

There are also some bug fix patches in the set.

 [sandbox PATCH 01/15] virt-sandbox-service-util needs to free
 [sandbox PATCH 02/15] Add support for InteractiveContainers to
 [sandbox PATCH 03/15] Move virt-sandbox-service bash completion
 [sandbox PATCH 04/15] Add -u UNITFILE option to virt-sandbox-service
 [sandbox PATCH 05/15] Change virt-sandbox-service-create.pod to use
 [sandbox PATCH 06/15] Internationalize all output strings in
 [sandbox PATCH 07/15] Remove distinction from Internal vs External
 [sandbox PATCH 08/15] Make CONFIG_PATH external to the Container
 [sandbox PATCH 09/15] Add exception handler GlibGerror to
 [sandbox PATCH 10/15] Change variable config to config_path to avoid
 [sandbox PATCH 11/15] Refactor Container class into Container and
 [sandbox PATCH 12/15] Add support for InteractiveContainer
 [sandbox PATCH 13/15] Use args.uri rather then hard coding lxc:///
 [sandbox PATCH 14/15] Check for LXC if virt-sandbox-service execute
 [sandbox PATCH 15/15] Create new /etc/rc.d directory to bind mount

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