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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v5.1 00/11] Introduce driver specific XML parsing callbacks

On 04/04/13 14:10, Peter Krempa wrote:
In this respin the renaming patch is moved to be first in the series. The
argument rearrangement patch was too complicated to move.

Unfortunately this rebase operation caused my "git notes" to be lost for the
individual patches, so please see v5 for more specific comments.

Patches 5 to 11 except for 10 were ACKed in previous versions.

Peter Krempa (11):
   maint: Rename xmlconf to xmlopt and virDomainXMLConfing to
   conf: Add post XML parse callbacks and prepare for cleaning of virCaps
   conf callback: Rearrange function parameters
   qemu: Record the default NIC model in the domain XML
   virCaps: get rid of "defaultInitPath" value in the virCaps struct
   virCaps: get rid of defaultDiskDriverName
   virCaps: get rid of emulatorRequired
   virCaps: get rid of defaultDiskDriverType
   virCaps: get rid of hasWideScsiBus
   virCaps: get rid of macPrefix field
   virCaps: get rid of defaultConsoleTargetType callback

Thank you all for the reviews. I've pushed the series now and I will follow up with a cleanup and patch to solve the s390 network issue tomorrow.


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