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Re: [libvirt] RFC: dhcp <option> element revisited

Am 14.03.2013 20:36, schrieb Laine Stump:
After 9 days and no replies (except a short conversation with DV on
IRC), I guess it's time to take some good ol' 'Murican unilateral action :-)

Sorry, I didn't have time to come back to this topic earlier, although I actually ACKed your idea on IRC, too ;)

[A lot of good ideas left out]
d) I think we do need a whitelist, and we should minimally populate it
to begin with, using a table as I described in the earlier mail:

   uint8 code;
   const char *name;   /* could be "", in which case we don't recognize a
name for it */
   unsigned int flags; /* whether or not multiple values are allowed,
name recognized by dnsmasq */
   /* some representation of type here */

Yes, but as dnsmasq doesn't have names for the private space (options 224 - 254) please also add names for these as well. This should probably go along with a patch to Simon for inclusion of the same names in dnsmasq as well.

Pieter Hollants <pieter hollants com>

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