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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 0/2] Add version comparison method for virsh_version output

On 04/09/13 20:33, John Ferlan wrote:
I believe this set of patches should be applied instead of those from


I suppose we could consider combining the two functions; however, there
are a couple place where the return version string is compared more than
once, so I kept both interfaces.

The vxml change is just an informative message that showed me the name
of the image that was failing - I had created 'default-kvm-dimage.img'
and tests were failing to find 'default-kvm-dimage' to place into the
cimtest storage pool.

John Ferlan (2):
   vxml: Add which volume could not be found to error message
   Add and utilize virsh_version_cmp

For a next submission please use --subject-prefix="PATCH libvirt-cim" for git format-patch when sending patches to libvir-list to avoid confusion with core libvirt stuff.



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