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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-designer 3/3] Rework disk bus type handling

On 03.04.2013 11:20, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> The current handling of bus types has some issues:
> - it assumes that if the design uses a disk controller hanging off
>   a PCI bus, then it can use virtio, which is not true for
>   Windows for example unless an additional driver is installed
> - it checks for "ide", "sata", "virtio" bus names, but they are not
>   used in libosinfo, and "sata is not mentioned in libosinfo.rng
> - if the bus type could not determined, falling back to an IDE
>   bus should be a safe guess
> This commit changes the code to guessing the best disk controller
> to use, and then derives the bus type from it when needed.
> One limitation of this approach is that we are currently limited to
> virtio or IDE as libosinfo is not expressive enough for us to tell
> if a given disk controller is IDE/SATA/SCSI/...
> One way of making this distinction possible would be to attach the
> PCI subclass to libosinfo device descriptions as this contains the
> information we need.
> ---
>  libvirt-designer/libvirt-designer-domain.c | 185 ++++++++++++++---------------
>  1 file changed, 91 insertions(+), 94 deletions(-)

For some reason this patch cannot be applied cleanly:

Applying: Rework disk bus type handling
error: patch failed: libvirt-designer/libvirt-designer-domain.c:992
error: libvirt-designer/libvirt-designer-domain.c: patch does not apply
Patch failed at 0001 Rework disk bus type handling


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