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Re: [libvirt] [RFC] Usage about 'virsh vol-wipe vol_name'

On 12/04/13 11:16, harryxiyou wrote:
On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 10:22 AM, harryxiyou <harryxiyou gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

I am not very clear about the usage of ‘virsh vol-wipe vol_name’. I think
if 'virsh vol-wipe vol_name' can just wipe all the datas in this volume and
it is similar as we format a volume which the datas would be wiped, right?
After this wipe, we can use this volume like a new one.
After i read the back-end storage drivers for libvirt, i cannot find any storage
driver like following

128     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_DIR,      /* Local directory */
129     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_FS,       /* Local filesystem */
130     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_NETFS,    /* Networked filesystem - eg NFS, GFS, etc */
131     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_LOGICAL,  /* Logical volume groups / volumes */
132     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_DISK,     /* Disk partitions */
133     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_ISCSI,    /* iSCSI targets */
135     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_MPATH,    /* Multipath devices */
136     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_RBD,      /* RADOS Block Device */
137     VIR_STORAGE_POOL_SHEEPDOG, /* Sheepdog device */

has realized storageVolumeWipe feature. So how could we test this feature?

Could anyone please give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.

As Michal suggested in your previous mails, you *should* use cscope.
If you looked at the public API, and using cscope like:

cs find s volWipe

You will find where it's implemented.

However, if users just want to wipe portions data of this volume, which
command(interface) of libvirt could finish?

Harry Wei

Harry Wei

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