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Re: [libvirt] Google Summer of Code 2013 ideas wiki open

On 12/04/13 13:07, Osier Yang wrote:
On 10/04/13 21:13, harryxiyou wrote:
On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 4:07 PM, Michal Privoznik <mprivozn redhat com> wrote:
On 07.02.2013 16:19, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
I have created the Google Summer of Code 2013 wiki page where you can
add project ideas:


Please add project ideas you are willing to mentor.  If you have an
idea but cannot mentor this year, feel free to add it but please try
to find a mentor for it.

If you want to be a mentor, please see

I've got some ideas, but I just don't know it their size is sufficient.
But IIUC, there are 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), so
hopefully the ideas can land in one of them.

Hi all,

I've also got some ideas like following for GSOC 2013.

Storage driver jobs.

Currently, there is no Libvirt storage API to rename storage volume,
storage pool, snapshot, etc. There is also no Libvirt API to move
volume from one pool to another using libvirt API. Possibly those
pools could have different backend (lvm, dir, ...). So i wanna finish
these jobs for Libvirt during GSOC 2013. See following in details.

1, Rename storage volume. I will develop ' virsh vol-rename xxx'
option for virsh tool.

2, Rename storage pool. I will develop 'virsh pool-rename xxx'
option for virsh tool.

3, Rename snapshot. I will develop 'virsh snapshot-rename xxx'
option for virsh tool.

Not sure if you planned to request separate projects for these, but I don't
think it's deserved for separate projects. They can be just one project,
as the work need to do for them is similar.

And not restricted to storage stuffs, if renaming API makes sense for storage volume, it makes sense for all other objects too, e.g. domain/network/interface/

What I'm thinking about is, the renaming is easy to implement for inactive
objects, but for active ones, it's hard, even not possible, such as for a
active domain, the domain name is refered by various places, if you change
that, it will produce a big mess.
4, Move volume from one pool to another. I will develop 'virsh vol-move xxx'
option for virsh tool.

Not sure it's deserved, the existing command create-vol-as/vol-clone can

s/sure/sure if/,

actually copy the volume from another pool. And after that, you can just
remove the original volume. Perhaps having a virsh command to wrapper
the the two APIs together is enough.

Well, currently, these are just good ideas for Libvirt GSOC 2013. I will
give detail design plan for these stuffs according to the workflow of GSOC.
Could anyone give me some suggestions?
Thanks very much in advance.

Harry Wei

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