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[libvirt] Shared desktop: grant permission to start/stop/pause/resume guests only

Hi all,

for a shared desktop configuration, is there an option to grant the permission to start, stop, pause or resume the kvm guest only?

User roles in shared desktop environment configuration:
  Power user   - fully manage libvirt / KVM guests
  Regular user - start, stop, pause and resume libvirt / KVM guests

In other words, we are looking for an opportunity to:
  a) prevent regular users from modifying the libvirt / kvm guest but
  b) enable them to start, stop, pause, resume libvirt / kvm guests

Currently I see two options:
a) No specific libvirt permission:
   Regular users cannot start a virtual guest (without help).
   If users forget to shutdown the kvm client and try to poweroff the Linux
   system, they are asked for an admin/management user password to stop the
   virtual machine. So they need help to shutdown their machine - not good.
b) Enable libvirt manage via policy kit:
   "manage" permission can be granted via overruling the
   default org.libvirt.unix.manage policy kit action.
   The manage right enables to modify the libvirt / kvm guest, which is too much in our case.

Is there an option to grant the start/stop/pause/resume permission only? Does libvirt offer this kind of granularity?

Kind regards,
Thorsten Hesemeyer

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