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Re: [libvirt] Google Summer of Code 2013 ideas wiki open

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 11:00 PM, Osier Yang <jyang redhat com> wrote:
> On 15/04/13 22:41, harryxiyou wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 9:43 PM, harryxiyou <harryxiyou gmail com> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 5:13 PM, Daniel P. Berrange <berrange redhat com>
>>> wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> I'm not hugely comfortable with the idea of "capability support" being
>>>> done by a student. IMHO to do a good job on that design-wise requires
>>>> someone with a very good understanding of libvirt architecture &
>>>> application
>>>> needs.
>>> I understand. However, i think our Libvirt is developing so we should
>>> give more
>>> choices to learners who are very interested in some field of
>>> Libvirt.(Like me, i
>>> love the storage system of Libvirt very much). Maybe this is the essence
>>> of
>>> GSOC, isn't it? Actually, some student is not only interested in
>>> Libvirt but also
>>>   wanna to join this community and contribute to this community forever.
>>> (Like
>>> me, i love the community because i can learn more knowledge from it.)
>>> I believe that interest is the best teacher. No matter how the problem is
>>> difficulty i will try my best to achieve it if  i am very interested
>>> in it. Another
>>> key point is that GSOC just let students join the community and finish
>>> easy
>>> jobs firstly. GSOC wanna train more core developers for our community. If
>>> i
>>> can finish a job a bit difficulty, i can also accomplish it after GSOC
>>> continuously.
>>> All in all, i think you should not worry about this matter ;-).
>> Hi all,
>> After i read all comments from Danpb, Mprivozn, Osier, i find i should
>> rephrase my project idea for Libvirt storage during GSOC 2013(Thanks
>> for Stefan Hajnoczi. He let me know this key point). I find Osier and
>> Mprivozn agree with the project named 'The capability support for
>> storage' and Danpb just feel it is a bit difficulty for students to do,
>> which
>> i have given my feedback to explain. So i rephrase my project idea for
>> Libvirt storage during GSOC 2013 like following.
>> Project name: The capability support for storage driver.
>> Summary: The capability support for storage driver (like virsh
>> capabilities for the hypervisor drivers, e.g. what pool types it
>> supports, what volume types each pool type supports, even
>> may what operations/APIs the pool type support, ...etc).
>> Sill level: Advanced.
>> Osier said to me this is a deserved bug to fix so i think he
>> may wanna be the mentor for this one, right?
> I could be if you want, but the question is which project you are focusing
> on? This one or the renaming APIs? And as far as I got from the wiki page,
> we generally don't want the student fails, and the renaming APIs work is
> much simpler than this one, and thus more possible to succeed in 12 weeks.
> So Personally I'd suggest adding the renaming APIs as a project into the
> wiki
> instead.

Yup, renaming APIs should be a project into the wiki. Thanks, let me rephrase
my idea for Libvirt storage during GSOC again.

Project name: The renaming APIs support for all objects.

Summary: Adding 'rename' API support for all objects, for all objects,
that is to say, not only for storage volume but also for storage pool,
snapshots, etc.

Sill level: Beginner

Mentor: Osier Yang.

Osier, would you please give the summary in details, thanks very
much in advance.

Any Comments? Thanks in advance ;-)

Harry Wei

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