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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Virsh command vol-rename

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Osier Yang <jyang redhat com> wrote:
> There is no new things in the wiki.

Sorry, i have not put my new design plan for 'Rename volume name'.

> Before writing the code, I'd suggest going through the HACKING
> and the document for how to implement a new API for libvirt [1],
> it's a bit out of date though, but still useful.  And you can pick up
> the patches which introduced new API as example. I think with
> the document and the existing patches for new API, you will known
> how/what to do next.

Yup, these suggestions are really helpful for me. I will read the docs
and find the patches that introduced new API.

> After that, if you are still not confident about your approach, send
> RFC to list, instead of putting in your wiki. On one hand, it's not
> convenient, I believe not everyone likes an external link. On the
> other hand, it's not good for tracking the history, even you can
> guarantee it won't be deleted/changed forever. Including draft
> patches in RFC is not required, but having it is always better.

Ok, i will, thanks.

> You might be not picked up finally for the project, but it's the generic
> knowledge worth to learn if you are interested in contributing to libvirt.

Sure, i think so. Osier, very thanks for your comments ;-).

Harry Wei

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