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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 5/7] conf: spice: Do more automation if autoport is requested

On 04/23/13 18:21, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 03:46:12PM +0200, Peter Krempa wrote:
With autoport enabled, both ports were alocated. With enabling
defaultMode or setting separate channel modes one of the ports may not
be needed. This will allow later on doing this kind of change.
  docs/formatdomain.html.in | 2 +-
  src/conf/domain_conf.c    | 5 -----
  2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/formatdomain.html.in b/docs/formatdomain.html.in
index 888c005..bb75943 100644
--- a/docs/formatdomain.html.in
+++ b/docs/formatdomain.html.in
@@ -3470,7 +3470,7 @@ qemu-kvm -net nic,model=? /dev/null
                while <code>tlsPort</code> gives an alternative secure
                port number. The <code>autoport</code> attribute is the
                new preferred syntax for indicating autoallocation of
-              both port numbers.  The <code>listen</code> attribute is
+              needed port numbers.  The <code>listen</code> attribute is
                an IP address for the server to listen
                on. The <code>passwd</code> attribute provides a SPICE
                password in clear text. The <code>keymap</code>
diff --git a/src/conf/domain_conf.c b/src/conf/domain_conf.c
index dc0ecaa..86a444c 100644
--- a/src/conf/domain_conf.c
+++ b/src/conf/domain_conf.c
@@ -7595,11 +7595,6 @@ virDomainGraphicsDefParseXML(xmlNodePtr node,

-        if (def->data.spice.port == -1 && def->data.spice.tlsPort == -1) {
-            /* Legacy compat syntax, used -1 for auto-port */
-            def->data.spice.autoport = true;
-        }

I'm not clear why this is safe. The idea is that if the user sends XML

    <graphics port='-1' tlsPort='-1'/>

then libvirt would turn it into

    <graphics port='-1' tlsPort='-1' autoport='yes'/>

with this removed, won't we be instead outputting

    <graphics port='-1' tlsPort='-1' autoport='no'/>

despite the fact that it is auto-allocating the ports?

Later on this will slightly change semantics:

<graphics port='-1' tlsPort='-1' autoport='no'/>

Will allocate both ports every time, even if one isn't needed because of other configuration (eg defaultMode="insecure")


<graphics autoport='yes'/>

will automatically determine which ports are needed according to configuration and allocate just those. (only the insecure port in case of the example above)



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