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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 1/3] virsh: modify vshStringToArray to duplicate the elements too

On 20/08/13 23:42, Eric Blake wrote:
On 08/20/2013 08:15 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
At a slightly larger memory expense allow stealing of items from the
string array returned from vshStringToArray and turn the result into a
string list compatible with virStringSplit. This will allow to use the
common dealloc function.

This patch also fixes a few forgotten checks of return from
vshStringToArray and one memory leak.

@@ -409,7 +406,8 @@ cmdNodeListDevices(vshControl *ctl, const vshCmd *cmd ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
              vshError(ctl, "%s", _("Options --tree and --cap are incompatible"));
              return false;
-        ncaps = vshStringToArray(cap_str, &caps);
+        if ((ncaps = vshStringToArray(cap_str, &caps)) < 0)
+              return false;
Indentation looks off.

+++ b/tools/virsh.h
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
  # include "virerror.h"
  # include "virthread.h"
  # include "virnetdevbandwidth.h"
+# include "virstring.h"
Is this change necessary?

I think the purpose is to avoid including "virstring.h" in all of the .c
files which need to use virStringSplit.

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