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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] virDomainSaveXML: Reject domains which name contain '/'

On 05.02.2013 12:32, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> Similarly to 790f912b4 which rejects snapshots names containing,
> this commit changes virDomainSaveXML to reject domains with a '/'
> in their name. The domain name is used as a filename, so this
> leads to unexpected results when used in combination with '..'
> ---
> If someone is using domains with '/' in their name, this will cause a
> regression for them as libvirt will no longer be able to re-write the
> domain XML and will just fail. However, if someone is (ab)using this,
> the domain must end up in an already existing directory as libvirt will
> not create it so this is hopefully unconvenient enough that noone is
> doing that.
> If we only want to error out on new domain creation, this may be doable
> by introducing a virDomainSaveXMLFlags, but will be more invasive.
> Christophe

The more problems with naming XML files I see the more I think we should
not tie it to domain names. Basically there's no need to save domain
named XYZ to XYZ.xml. Yes, it's helpful when the names match, however if
domain name contains forbidden characters (e.g. '/'), we can use UUID
for instance for the name of XML file. To keep track which domain is
associated witch which file we can store that kind of information in

Having said that, I am not hesitant to take this patch in until somebody
implements the feature as written above.



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