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[libvirt] Google Summer of Code 2013 ideas wiki open

I have created the Google Summer of Code 2013 wiki page where you can
add project ideas:


Please add project ideas you are willing to mentor.  If you have an
idea but cannot mentor this year, feel free to add it but please try
to find a mentor for it.

If you want to be a mentor, please see

Background on Google Summer of Code:

Google Summer of Code is a scheme where Google funds university
students to work on open source projects for 12 weeks during the
summer.  It has been held annually since 2005.

GSoC is an opportunity for students to experience open source
development.  Organizations sometimes find long-term contributors, and
either way it's a fun experience.

Open source organizations can apply to take part.  Those chosen will
be able to take on one or more students for the summer.  Each student
is paired with a mentor who helps them and evaluates their progress.

Last year QEMU was not accepted but we were successful in years before
that.  I believe Google will announce GSoC again this year (there is
no guarantee though) and I have created the wiki page so we can begin
organizing project ideas that students can choose from.

This way we'll be ready to put together a good organization application.


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