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Re: [libvirt] Adding new standalone API

On 2013年02月11日 14:27, Bilal Ahmad wrote:
Hi all,

I am learning to hack libvirt and so far for basic things, I am able to
get things done. For the advanced things like adding a completely new
API, I will need some help from you people. For starters, I have decided
to add a custom network API with only "name" and "UUID" and get my
custom network API to work. I would really appreciate if you could guide
me. I have gone through the “*Implementing a new API in Libvirt*” but
its an example which introduces new APIs to an existing API type. To
learn better, I plan to implement my own standalone sample API and get
it to work.

You can pick examples in the git log:

Such as virNetworkUpdate (commit 574b9bc66b, and several
commits on top of it).

And after that, if you are not confident about how to
implement it, please post RFC about your thoughts first
before implementation, including what you are try to
do, and how you plan to do it.

I would really appreciate help from this open-source community.

Hope it helps.



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