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[libvirt] Out of Memory Error


I am trying to attach a usb device to my virtualbox node using libvirt. My node is already running, I stop my node and then I am trying to add this usb device.
I have a separate xml file defined for usb. It looks like this:

<hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb'> 
        <vendor id='0x4321'/> 
        <product id='0xfeeb'/> 

I am trying to attach it using code:

conn = libvirt.open("vbox:///session") 
    if conn ==None: 
        print 'Failed to open connection to the hypervisor' 
        print 'connected to vbox hypervisor driver' 
        domainInstance = conn.lookupByName('SampleNode') 
        filed = open('/root/testFolder/usbSharedFolder.xml', 'r') 
        config_str = filed.read()
        libvirt.virDomain.attachDevice(domainInstance, config_str)

When it is executed I am getting an error message saying:
libvir: VirtualBox Driver error : out of memory 

Even with virsh it is giving the same error. I am using the below command:
attach-device SampleNode /root/testFolder/usbSharedFolder.xml

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong. It is really very important. Please do reply.
Thanks in advance.

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