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Re: [libvirt] Support for Hyper-V

Hi Hassan, 
I'm too experimenting Libvirt management strenghts when it comes to HyperV server, my findings so far are:
1. It uses openwsman library to issue WS-man calls to HyperV server. HYperV server accepts WMI calls generated by openwsman library to send request to server and decode the response recieved.
2. Looking at the code, it seems Mathias has put together the basic driver infrastructure to perform operations like:
    2.a: gethostname
    2.b: list domains. etc.
I'm too having trouble looging into a HyperV server and have posted a question to community myself. Incase you were able to connect to the server using libvirt, please share your experiences with me too.


Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:33:37 -0800
From: hshaik gmail com
To: libvir-list redhat com
Subject: [libvirt] Support for Hyper-V


I would like to know if libvirt support Hyper-V deployed in Windows 2012 server. Does libvirt talk to Hyper-V using the REST API provided by Microsoft (where SCVMM & SPF are deployed)? 

Many thanks in advance.


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