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Re: [libvirt] VG backed storage pool start behavior.

On 02/18/13 23:11, Luke Varnadore wrote:
> Libvirt 1.0.2-3
> I am unable to use vg storage pools that are shared with the host. I was
> able to do this without issue an update before this one. Wondering if
> anyone else is seeing this behavior.
> I am on an Arch Linux system but I can't see why that would matter yet.
> Here is the error I get when trying to start a pool defined from the
> shared VG that my host, and guests share:
> Error starting pool 'vg_nimbus': internal error Child process
> (/sbin/vgchange -aln vg_nimbus) unexpected exit status 5:   Can't
> deactivate volume group "vg_nimbus" with 7 open logical volume(s)

It looks like we're trying to deactivate the volumes when starting the
pool, which is what happens when we can't refresh the pool succesfully.

Deactivation fails, since some of the volumes are still open, and this
overwrites the previous error message.

Try looking in libvirtd.log if there is another error message before
this one.


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