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Re: [libvirt] libvirt testing with autotest

On 02/20/2013 03:47 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
A few misc things:

- The default libvirt tests seem to work fine as non-root, though every
libvirt test is marked as 'root only'. I'm not sure what the practical effect
of that is.

Long story short, this is mostly due to virbr0 bridge access with the regular user. I didn't know about the qemu bridge helper, so I ended up marking the libvirt tests as 'root only'. I'll fix this ASAP.

- qemu also has a basic set of smoke tests that test migration, no extra
config required. A custom qemu binary can be used with ./run --qemu-bin.
Probably useful even for libvirt devs that are tracking upstream qemu, if you
suspect qemu.git may be currently be broken.

Yes, we have an extensive set of qemu tests. By default we run basic qemu migration tests, but there are many others, it's all a matter of running:

./run -t qemu --list-tests

To see what's in there.

Speaking of migration tests, I recall talking about this before with Daniel, but long story short, I believe it would be beneficial for libvirt to implement migration inside the same host. With qemu is possible to do that, qemu transfers its state to another qemu process. It is very handy to test migration, and it seems doable in libvirt as well.



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