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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] vl.c: Support multiple CPU ranges on -numa option

Il 27/02/2013 16:42, Anthony Liguori ha scritto:
> There's such thing as list support in QemuOpts.  The only way
> QemuOptsVisitor was able to implement it was to expose QemuOpts publicly
> via options_int.h and rely on a implementation detail.
> There are fixed types supported by QemuOpts.  It just so happens that
> whenever qemu_opt_set() is called, instead of replacing the last
> instance, the value is either prepended or appended in order to
> implement a replace or set-if-unset behavior.

Fair enough.  Nobody said the implementation is pretty.

> If we want to have list syntax, we need to introduce first class support
> for it.  Here's a simple example of how to do this.

If it is meant as a prototype only, and the final command-line syntax
would be with repeated keys, that's okay.  I think that Eduardo/Markus/I
are focusing on the user interface, you're focusing in the implementation.

In the meanwhile, however, it seems to me that Eduardo can use
QemuOptsVisitor---which can also hide the details and provide type safety.


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