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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 10/10] docs: Describe the <dhcp> 'enable' and 'relay' attributes

On 28/02/13 04:16, Eric Blake wrote:
>> diff --git a/docs/formatnetwork.html.in b/docs/formatnetwork.html.in
>> index 41a83fa..c4c4def 100644
>> --- a/docs/formatnetwork.html.in
>> +++ b/docs/formatnetwork.html.in
> Yay - your series added documentation!

I commented to a student that the documentation would make someone's day :)

>  But it didn't add any unit tests
> (a new .xml file somewhere under tests/networkxml2argvdata or
> networkxml2xml{in,out} to verify that we can round-trip the new XML and
> generate the expected command line), and it failed to add the RelaxNG
> grammar specification under docs/schemas/network.rng, so there is still
> more to be added.

OK, I'll do those. As you probably realise I'm new to libvirt coding style and requirements, only touching it to add needed functionality, but hopefully can make it suitable for give-back to the
project. I'll work up a V2 once all comments are in.

> Also, I like to put documentation FIRST in the series, as it then sets
> the stage for what the reviewer will be expecting in the rest of the series.

Makes sense.

>> +            Since $TODO.$FIXME it can optionally contain a boolean <code>enable</code> attribute
> Instead of using $TODO.$FIXME, just use <span class="since">Since
> 1.0.4</span>.  We can later touch that up as part of merging it in if
> you miss the 1.0.4 release window.

OK. I did that deliberately so it would be flagged since I didn't know what the policy was for unreleased versions and didn't want it to slip through the cracks.

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