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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv3 0/5] snapshot revert-and-create

On 11/21/12 01:36, Eric Blake wrote:
v2 was here:

One patch from v2 has already been committed.  This patch additionally
adds a qemu implementation for the new flag, and I have tested creation
of offline branches (I still need to test creation of a branch from a
disk-only or online external snapshot).  I've also started documenting
my plans for a new revert FOLLOW flag, which updates to the current
state of external files (rather than reverting completely to the
point where the snapshot was taken); once that is working, then
implementing the combination of createXML(LIVE|BRANCH) will really
be creating the branch, then farming out to revert(FOLLOW) to switch
over to the new branch.

Eric Blake (5):
   snapshot: add revert-and-create branching of external snapshots
   snapshot: prepare to parse new XML
   snapshot: actually compute branch definition from XML
   snapshot: support revert-and-create branching in qemu
   snapshot: add another revert API flag

Hi Eric,

this code has been buried long enough so that it doesn't apply. I'm reviving my snapshot patches and would like to integrate this functionality too. If you happen to have the branch still in you repo, could you please push it somewhere so git can help me while rebasing.



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