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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 01/10] conf: DHCP - add state for DHCP Relay and On/Off switch

On 28/02/13 19:45, Laine Stump wrote:
> I think Eric mentioned elsewhere that your patches are *extremely*
> small. At least both the data structure, parser, and formatter changes
> should go into a single patch. For that matter, this functionality is
> small enough that you could put the struct change, parser change,
> implementation of the feature in bridge_driver, makefile and configure
> changes, AND the documentation addition into a single patch.

Yes. Remember this an RFC so to some extend I'm making it easier to document (in commit messages as well as logical separation of the patches), the way I thought about the problem for myself as much
as anyone else.

When I'm developing a feature for some package that is foreign to me I prefer to break each focus of change into the actual hacking style I follow, which allows me to go back and change patches that
have a single focus without changing related code (which may also be in a related branch where I'm testing alternate functionality) using, f.e:

git rebase -i HEAD^^^^^^
s/^(pick) (49fe52|3f98634)/edit \1/

while $SOME_FILE; do
 git commit --amend
 git rebase --continue

Once the patch-set works and has positive feedback I can squash cherry-picked commits into a new branch for the final:

git request-pull branch_x

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