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Re: [libvirt] libvirt unable to start domains

On 01/04/2013 08:30 AM, Doug Goldstein wrote:
On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 5:58 PM, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
<zeeshanak gnome org> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 11:44 PM, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
<zeeshanak gnome org> wrote:
   I updated my libvirt git clone and install yesterday (after about a
month or so) and now I can't start domains:

$ virsh start fedora18
error: Failed to start domain fedora18
error: unsupported configuration: This QEMU does not support QXL
graphics adapters

While libvirt is self-built, I'm using qemu 1.2.2-1.fc18 from vanila
Fedora 18 repo. Just to be clear, qemu was not updated before the
problem appeared, only libvirt.

Here is the libvirtd log:
http://static.fi/~zeenix/tmp/libvirtd-session-zeenix.log (13 MB).

Also attaching the domain config.
If my `git bisect run` script worked, I've found the commit
introducing this issue:

4c993d8ab5473334e9d4155faa913476ada39069 is the first bad commit
commit 4c993d8ab5473334e9d4155faa913476ada39069
Author: Guannan Ren <gren redhat com>
Date:   Fri Dec 14 15:06:31 2012 +0800

     qemu: add qemu vga devices caps and one cap to mark them usable

     QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_QXL          -device qxl
     QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VGA          -device VGA
     QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_CIRRUS_VGA   -device cirrus-vga
     QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VMWARE_SVGA  -device vmware-svga

     QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VIDEO_PRIMARY  /* safe to use -device XXX
                                      for primary video device */

     Fix a typo in qemuCapsObjectTypes, the string 'qxl' here
     should be -device qxl rather than -vga [...|qxl|..]

:040000 040000 576dc9f1e74fae8b5d8c75349cc769e17c5f7758
5afc50956ad09cf6e740ce75800d746a53513271 M      src
:040000 040000 0b95704f11e9aacbd4c6510e29343a497c52c11e
fbd9445a795a2814d8739805ebaf9c7c2f0d4160 M      tests
bisect run success

FWIW, problem is not reproducible against the parent commit


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

Basically for some reason we tried to build the command line up as
qemu-kvm ... -vga qxl instead of -device qxl-vga which is what I
thought Guannan was aiming for. I could be wrong though. I'll take
another look at it tonight.

Actually, qemu(>=1.2) will use -device qxl-vga if it supports qxl-vga in its -device output which means the QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_QXL_VGA is set already. If qemu doesn't support -device qxl-vga even though its version is above 1.2, it will use -vga qxl.

    For qemu(< 1.2), it definitely uses -vga qxl.

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