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Re: [libvirt] [ESX:Error] HTTP 403 error for CURL upload operation

I was able to solve this issue, it seems for upload operation the CURL headers needs to contain:

                   "Connection: Keep-Alive");
                    "Content-Type: application/x-vnd.vmware-streamVmdk");
                    "Content-Length: %ld"

Though the error was related to "forbidden access", but it seems it was not correct, with above set of headers and POST operation, VMDK uploads runs smooth :-).


From: ata husain hotmail com
To: matthias bolte googlemail com
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2013 11:47:13 -0800
CC: libvir-list redhat com
Subject: Re: [libvirt] [ESX:Error] HTTP 403 error for CURL upload operation

> The URL /ha-nfc/52c6d592-7636-67c5-29f3-d5b373be4f42/disk-0.vmdk looks
> like the lease you get during OVA import on the ESX server to upload a
> disk image to, isn't it? I'm not sure why you would get and Forbidden
> error from the server here. Are you logged in with an restricted user
> account instead of the root account?

Yes, precicely this is what I am trying to do. The URL (deviceUrl) is obtained once the call to ImportVApp is successful, it does not import the disk on root directory but to the new VM directory created after the importvapp call. I remember trying this on ESXi4.1 and it used to work fine, ESXi5 seems to block it. I am logged in with "root" credentials.
> > To achieve this operation I've added a routine to support file Upload (for
> > ESX driver as currently it only support buffer upload), I verified its
> > functioning my uploading a file using datastore based URL:
> > (http(s)//<ip>/file??dcPath=ha-datacenter?dsName=xxx).
> Are you trying to upload directly to the root of the datastore? IIRC
> this isn't allowed and you can only upload subdirectories in the
> datastore as in
> http(s)//<ip>/subdirectory/file??dcPath=ha-datacenter?dsName=xxx
OVA disk can be compressed (compression algorithm is identified as one of the fields inside creaimportspec result varible), also as OVA optimizes the disk we need to use this URL to upload the valid content and rest necessary messaging is done by server itself (say deflate the disk, uncompress it etc.).

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