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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] qemu: Move one misplaced driver unlock to the right function

On 01/18/2013 06:21 PM, Eric Blake wrote:

Scratch that; I just reread the function.  qemuDomainManagedSave used
qemuDomObjFromDomainDriver(), which returns driver locked; so commit
2745177 is correct, and there is no locking bug here, and _your_ hunk
would make it wrong.

right, my apologies, I was mislead by my typo-in-commit-message theory,
see below.

Yuck.  You _still_ haven't fixed DomainHasManagedSaveImage (which
8c5d2ba claimed to fix), and we've found yet another bogus commit.  We
need a v2 of this patch that scrubs ALL of the bugs at once.

This is still true - we need a v2 of the patch that fixes all of the
bugs, it's just that there are fewer bugs than I was worried about,
because right now it looks like there is only one bogus commit, not two.

This exactly is the crux: I have no clue what the intended fix would
be. This function didn't hold a driver lock before the commit, so how
can it be relaxed then? This was what lead me to the wrong conclusion
hat qemuManagedSave was meant.
So, before I send out a revised patch: do you think there's anything
to do for qemuDomainHasManagedSaveImage and if so, what?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards
   Viktor Mihajlovski

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