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[libvirt] [Libvirt][QEMU]The relationships between Libvirt and QEMU indetails

Hi Daniel and other developers,

We have programed a HLFS(HDFS based Log-Structured FileSystem)
driver for QEMU, which you can see it here.
And i have tested in QEMU environment, which works well for us.

Now, we wanna add a HLFS driver(Volume storage) for Libvirt(The same
as Sheepdog)
but i am not sure how to test HLFS driver for Libvirt. How could i know
if the HLFS driver for Libvirt works well?

I guess libvirt uses qemu interfaces(QEMU way) to finish the real jobs like
create/delete volumes. I wanna use command 'virsh' to finish them, which
the logical procedure like this:
virsh --> libvirt client --> libvirt server --> QEMU
Therefore, 'virsh' cannot work for me. I do not know how to test it with command
'virsh' solely. Or maybe i must build QEMU environment for this test, right?
In brief, i am not clear about the relationships between Libvirt and QEMU.
How do they(QEMU and Libvirt) communicate with each other?
How could i test create/delete volumes of Sheepdog/HLFS only with Libvirt
environment?  Could anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance;-)

Harry Wei

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