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Re: [libvirt] [Libvirt][Test]How to test storage solely in Libvirt?

On 2013年01月25日 20:22, harryxiyou wrote:
Hi all,

I wanna test if a storage driver (like Sheepdog) works well in Libvirt
separately. How
should i finish this job. Could anyone give me some suggestions?

It's bad that we don't have sheepdog pool documented in [1]
when doing the patches. But the good thing is there are some
documents for it in [2]. If you see the document is not
enough. You can check the RNG schema to figure out the XMLs
the sheepdog pool supports.


Or even you may want to have a look at the test files:

% grep -r sheepdog $libvirt_source/tests/storagepool*

Once you have a workable pool XML, you can test it via virsh
To see all the commands for pool and vol:

% virsh help pool
% virsh help volume

Note that sheepdog pool in libvirt only support small parts
of the operations though.

Hope it helps. And please don't hestimate pinging the list if
you find any problems.

[1] http://libvirt.org/formatstorage.html
[2] http://libvirt.org/storage.html


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