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Re: [libvirt] NetworkManager git20121211

On 01/31/2013 10:59 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> I needed some functionality (dynamic dns update) not available in the
> NetworkManager package available in Fedora 18 so I created my own
> version based on git20121130.  This worked nicely providing the
> functionality and did not appear to have any bad side effects.
> Then the NetworkManager git20121211 package appeared in rawhide it is
> usually better to use a package available from Fedora.  So, I got the
> source rpm and rebuilt it for Fedora 18.
> This appeared to work fine until I realized that all of the virtual
> networks did not have the expected IPv4 addresses.  Surprisingly, if
> IPv6 was defined for a network, it was there.
> After some investigation, I could only see that NetworkManager may be
> the problem.  I downgraded to the git20121130 package and rebooted. 
> The virtual networks were now OK.

Yes, that's a known problem:


> Any suggestions on how to report this problem? (against what and what
> release?)

Unless you want to add prodding in that BZ, there's not much to do other
than wait.

(Well, actually if you want a temporary workaround, since I assume
you're using your own libvirt build anyway, I *think* you may be able to
eliminate the problem by forcing the "virbr0-nic" tap device to be UP.
You can do that by changing the flags sent to
virNetDevTapCreateInBridgePort to:


This is around bridge_driver.c:1820 in networkStartNetworkVirtual(). I
haven't tried this myself, as I just learned about the problem
yesterday, and don't have a rawhide system setup. If you try this
workaround, I'd be interested to hear whether or not it works.)

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