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Re: [libvirt] RFC: Introduce API to query IP addresses for given domain

On Tue, Jul 02, 2013 at 04:34:49PM +0530, Nehal J. Wani wrote:
> Following will be the methods:
> (i) Querying qemu-guest-agent
> (ii) Getting info from dnsmasq.leases file
> (iii) Using the nwfilter to snoop the traffic
> Valid values:
>  domifaddr <domain-name> qemu-ga
>  domifaddr <domain-name> dnsmasq
>  domifaddr <domain-name> snoop
> Suggestions are welcome for the 'name' of values of the option 'method'.

This would be better as

   virsh domifaddr --method=[agent|dhcp|snoop]  <domain-name>

since <method> is not something that will be used

> The main idea behind using virTypedParameter: It gives us extensibility -
> as long as we tell the user how many interfaces and how many parameters per
> interface, then we can add more parameters per interface.
> If we use structs, then extensibility is lost.
> If we use XML, then first JSON output is parsed into XML, then XML is
> parsed. More effort is involved.
> As I think the previous patches by Michal were not pushed upstream due to
> lack of extensibility.

All of the 3 options here suck in some respect. I'm not convinced
that virTypedParameter is the least bad option.  I think the structs
are the least-worst option currently, on the grounds that if people
want more detailed information about guest interfaces, then this is
outside the scope of libvirt & they should use a dedicated mgmt api.
The implication being that we don't need to worry about extensibilty
if we declare reporting of other information to be out of scope for

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