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[libvirt] [PATCH v2 00/10] Re-enable memballoon driver statistics reporting

This patchset replaces:


Changes since V1:
 * Remove the external (eg, qemu_monitor.{c,h}) API's to the qom-list,
   qom-get, qom-set interfaces
 * Handle errors in virXPathInt() return checking domain_conf.c
 * Move the 'period' from _qemuDomainObjPrivate into _qemuMonitor
 * Move/rename qemuProcessFindBalloonObjectPath from qemu_process.c
   into qemu_monitor.c as qemuMonitorFindBalloonObjectPath()
 * Create qemuMonitorJSONSetMemoryStatsPeriod() in qemu_monitor_json.c from
   parts of prior change to add qemuProcessUpdateBalloonStatsPeriod()
   in qemu_process.c and hav
 * Add qemuMonitorSetMemoryStatsPeriod() in qemu_monitor.c to set
   the collection period.  Adjust the code to take parts of prior change
   and make check for balloon path in this path (set if necessary).
 * Adjust code in qemuProcessReconnect(), qemuProcessStart(), and
   qemuProcessAttach() to call qemuMonitorSetMemoryStatsPeriod()
 * Adjust qemuMonitorJSONGetMemoryStats() to get the balloon stats once
   the "actual" stat is collected from qemuMonitorJSONGetBalloonInfo().
   Reviewer note: The prior code to get "actual" was a duplicate of the
   BalloonInfo code.  Since "balloon-info" is where the actual memory is
   still stored it still must be called as that data is not present in
   the balloon stats qom-get "stats" fetch implemented as the new API
 * Avoid overloading virDomainSetMemoryFlags()...
 * Create/use virDomainSetMemoryStatsPeriodFlags() to set the collection
   period dynamically from "virsh dommemstats" using the --period qualifier.

John Ferlan (10):
  Add qemuMonitorJSONGetObjectListPaths() method for QMP qom-list
  Add qemuMonitorJSONGetObjectProperty() method for QMP qom-get command
  Add qemuMonitorJSONSetObjectProperty() method for QMP qom-set command
  Add 'period' for Memballoon statistics gathering capability
  Determine whether to start balloon memory stats gathering.
  Add capability to fetch balloon stats
  Add new public API virDomainSetMemoryStatsPeriodFlags
  Specify remote protocol for virDomainSetMemoryStatsPeriodFlags
  Implement the virDomainSetMemoryStatsPeriodFlags for QEMU driver
  Allow balloon driver collection to be adjusted dynamically

 docs/formatdomain.html.in     |  19 ++
 docs/schemas/domaincommon.rng |   7 +
 include/libvirt/libvirt.h.in  |   3 +
 src/conf/domain_conf.c        |  44 +++-
 src/conf/domain_conf.h        |   1 +
 src/driver.h                  |   6 +
 src/libvirt.c                 |  65 ++++++
 src/libvirt_public.syms       |   5 +
 src/qemu/qemu_driver.c        |  66 ++++++
 src/qemu/qemu_monitor.c       | 133 ++++++++++-
 src/qemu/qemu_monitor.h       |   2 +
 src/qemu/qemu_monitor_json.c  | 498 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 src/qemu/qemu_monitor_json.h  |  64 ++++++
 src/qemu/qemu_process.c       |  21 +-
 src/remote/remote_driver.c    |   1 +
 src/remote/remote_protocol.x  |  15 +-
 src/remote_protocol-structs   |   6 +
 tests/qemumonitorjsontest.c   | 186 ++++++++++++++++
 tools/virsh-domain-monitor.c  |  66 +++++-
 19 files changed, 1085 insertions(+), 123 deletions(-)


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