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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] util: add rebase fix that was accidentally omitted from previous patch

On 07/11/2013 07:12 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
> Yes, it can be reasonable to push a patch while the tree is still dirty
> for unrelated reasons.  But I agree that it seems like an advanced
> option, and that most users would much rather be informed any time
> 'send-email' or 'push' is attempted while changes are still pending,
> especially if the changes being emailed or pushed touch the same files.
>  There's probably a way to set up git hooks to forbid push actions if
> the tree is dirty, but that would be a question for the git lists or irc
> channel.
> If either one of us finds a solution for such a hook, be sure to post it
> back here.

The git IRC channel suggested setting your shell prompt to call the
various bash functions made available by git, so that you at least have
a designation in your prompt of what branch you are on and whether it is
clean or dirty.  Of course, that assumes you look at your prompt before
sending/pushing, but with blatant enough coloring differences between
clean and dirty states, a prompt is at least a visual clue, even if not
a hard rule.  I'm still trying to figure out if a hard rule is
enforceable, though...

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