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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/13] Support use of systemd-machined for cgroups

From: "Daniel P. Berrange" <berrange redhat com>

This is a patch series which adds support for using systemd-machined
for creating cgroups. The first 12 patches are all really just cleanups
and refactoring. The actual systemd code is the last patch, but at time
of posting it doesn't quite work properly. Given the freeze, I'd like
to get the first 12 patches merged, while I iron out the remaining
problems with the last patch.

Daniel P. Berrange (13):
  Fix handling of DBus errors emitted by the bus itself
  Add logic for handling systemd-machined non-existance
  Add a virCgroupNewDetect API for finding cgroup placement
  Add API for checking if a cgroup is valid for a domain
  Auto-detect existing cgroup placement
  Remove obsolete cgroups creation apis
  Create + setup cgroups atomically for QEMU process
  Create + setup cgroups atomically for LXC process
  New cgroups API for atomically creating machine cgroups
  Convert QEMU driver to use virCgroupNewMachine
  Convert LXC driver to use virCgroupNewMachine
  Protection against doing bad stuff to the root group
  Enable support for systemd-machined in cgroups creation

 src/libvirt_private.syms |   5 +-
 src/lxc/lxc_cgroup.c     |  82 +++-------
 src/lxc/lxc_cgroup.h     |   2 +-
 src/lxc/lxc_controller.c |  19 +--
 src/lxc/lxc_process.c    |  52 +++++--
 src/qemu/qemu_cgroup.c   | 114 ++++++++------
 src/qemu/qemu_cgroup.h   |   5 +-
 src/qemu/qemu_process.c  |  41 +++--
 src/util/vircgroup.c     | 388 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 src/util/vircgroup.h     |  32 ++--
 src/util/virdbus.c       |   5 +-
 src/util/virsystemd.c    |  19 ++-
 tests/vircgrouptest.c    | 112 --------------
 tests/virsystemdmock.c   |  14 +-
 tests/virsystemdtest.c   |  63 +++++---
 15 files changed, 496 insertions(+), 457 deletions(-)


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