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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 19/20] qemuagenttest: Test arbitrary qemu commands and timeouting of commands

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 01:01:56PM -0600, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 07/30/2013 12:52 PM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> >> Hmm, I wonder if it's worth adding some sort of escape hatch, maybe if
> >> 'VIR_TEST_FAST' is defined to non-empty in the environment, then we skip
> >> this test; developers that don't like the long wait can then export that
> >> variable as 1, whereas the spec file can ensure it is 0.  That could be
> >> a followup patch, though, and it might be worth getting more feedback
> >> than just mine on whether the new long-running test needs tweaking to
> >> allow developers to avoid waiting, while still avoiding bit-rotting of
> >> the test at release time.
> > 
> > IMHO we don't want any of the tests doing multi-second timeouts by
> > default. IOW, rather than VIR_TEST_FAST, we should have a
> > VIR_TEST_ALLOW_SLEEP=1, and ensure that libvirt.spec.in sets that
> > when doing 'make check' and also make sure that autobuild.sh sets
> > it. So all automated builds fully exercise the tests, but day to
> > day usage isn't delayed
> For that matter, 'make check' for day-to-day usage should be able to
> skip the gnulib subdirectory - the results in gnulib/tests will only
> change if you upgrade the gnulib submodule, glibc, or some other core
> component, which is not what we change on a day-to-day basis when
> hacking gnulib, but is also something an autobuilder should be running
> always.  I'll see if I can hack something up to speed up 'make check'
> for normal users on the gnulib front, which we can then extend into
> skipping Peter's new test.

Good idea to skip gnulib tests.

> GNU coreutils calls its variable RUN_EXPENSIVE_TESTS, defaulting to no,
> but set to yes in autobuilders.  Sounds like the best type of naming
> (maybe VIR_TEST_EXPENSIVE, to keep it in the VIR_ namespace).  Anyone
> else want to chime in with a bikeshed color?

That sounds like a fine name to me.

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