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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/11] vCPU hotplug mega-series

On 05/27/13 19:59, Peter Krempa wrote:
This patch series consists of multiple parts:
-patch 1,2: Two trivial cleanups
-patch 3: Improve and refactor vCPU data parsing
-patch 4: Add agent monitor helpers for cpu-hotplug stuff
-patch 5,6,7: Implement universal guest vCPU mapping function
-patch 8: Implement new qemu monitor command for cpu hotplug
-patch 9,10,11: Implement agent based cpu state manipulation API/command

Tip: The new "virsh vcpumap guest --active" command may be used that the
agent actually offlined the vCPU in the guest.

Peter Krempa (11):
   virsh-domain-monitor: Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from a argument
   qemu: Use bool instead of int in qemuMonitorSetCPU APIs
   qemu: Extract more information about vCPUs and threads
   qemu_agent: Introduce helpers for agent based CPU hot(un)plug
   lib: Add API to map virtual cpus of a guest
   virsh-domain-monitor: Implement command to map guest vCPUs
   qemu: Implement virDomainGetVCPUMap for the qemu driver
   qemu: Implement new QMP command for cpu hotplug
   lib: Add API to modify vCPU state from the guest using the guest agent
   virsh-domain: Implement command for virDomainSetGuestVcpu
   qemu: Implement virDomainSetGuetVcpu in qemu driver

Ping. Now that 1.0.6 is out of the door this series could get some reviews ;).



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