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[libvirt] How does virsh lxc-enter-namespace work? Does it?


I'm facing the issue that "virsh lxc-enter-namespace ..." does not work for me.
setns() always fails with EINVAL.

Reading the code confused me a bit, maybe you can help me. :D

virsh itself calls:

Here comes the first thing that is not clear to me.
conn->driver seems to be the remote driver and therefore
->domainLxcOpenNamespace is remoteDomainLxcOpenNamespace()
Why is lxc:/// a remote connection?

remoteDomainLxcOpenNamespace() does a rpc call to libvirtd.

On the remote side libvirtd does:

lxcDispatchDomainOpenNamespace(), which opens the namespace fds,
and sends them back as result.
How can this work? Does it somewhere magic file descriptor passing

virsh then receives the fd's (pure numbers) and setns() failed badly.

Wouldn't it make much more sense to do the open(/proc/XXX/ns/{mnt, user, ...}) and setns()
calls directly on the local side? IOW directly in virsh?
driver->domainLxcOpenNamespace() should only report the process id of the container's
init process.


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