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Re: [libvirt] libvirt: xen error

On dom, 2013-06-16 at 22:09 +0530, varun bhatnagar wrote:
> Hi,

> I am trying to install xen and provide libvrit support to it but while
> installing at some point of time it tries to connect to GIT repository
> and creates a clone but I am behind firewall and it is getting timed
> out.... :(
Ok, so you're trying building Xen from the sources, right? On what
distribution? Also, if I can ask, is there a reason why you need to
build it instead of using the distro provided packages? (only asking
because that's usually a lot easier :-) ).

> I am pasting a screenshot below. Can anyone of you please help me out
> with this one. 
Can't see it. Actually, in general, I think cutting-&-pasting the
textual output is going to be much better than a screenshot! :-P

Anyway, yes, for now, Xen needs to fetch some external
sources/repositories during the building process. We're working of
improving this (i.e., getting rid of it), for instance, by making it
possible to use what the user already have in his system (e.g., provided
by the proper distro packages), but we're not there yet.

What you can do, for now, it get the external code yourself, from
somewhere outside the firewall that blocks your `git clone' and then
copy them next to the Xen sources, in the local filesystem, and point
the build process to them.

For achieving the latter, you can create a file called ".config" in Xen
source's root directory, where you define specific variables, pointing o
the sources. So, for example for upstream and traditional QEMU, you want
to clone the repository from some place where that is possible, copy
them in /foo/bar/qemu-xen-traditional and /foo/bar/qemu-xen-upstream and
write the following in the .config file:


That would at least help, I think. :-)

Allow me to add that, since this is still a ver Xen specific issue, you
may be more lucky in finding help on some other mailing lists (and also
avoid disturbing people in this very one :-D).

For general questions about using Xen, see here:

If, by any chance, you're on Fedora, see here:


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