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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-users] Not able to open Xen Connection using libvirt

On mer, 2013-06-19 at 21:33 +0530, varun bhatnagar wrote:

>         Is this system booted with xen kernel? xen virtualization
>         required special kernel it doesn't work with standard kernel.
Well, that is not true, and it's even been a while now! :-P

Fact is the Xen architecture requires that the first thing that boots
--i.e., the thing that sees and run on the actual hardware-- is the Xen
Hypervisor. At some point, the hypervisor itself will pick up a kernel
and use it to build a special VM, called Dom0, from where you can run
the control pane, create more VMs, etc.

It is true that, a while ago, this kernel had to be a special modified
version of Linux. As of now (starting from Linux 3.0), it can be any
Linux kernel image you have in your boot partition.

So, in summary, yes, you have to reboot and choose the proper bootloader
menu entry, after installing Xen, but that does not mean that you need
also a special Linux kernel. Not anymore. :-)


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