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[libvirt] libvirt-1.0.2 qith lxc and /proc/meminfo

Hello there

I'm using libvirt-1.0.2 to spawn off linux containers
We currently have 2 very similar setups that run on fedora 16 and f18 respectively
And I'm seeing one weird difference concerning /proc/meminfo
While everything is fine on the fedora16 world, on the fedora18 side here is what the container sees

bash-4.2# ls /proc
ls: cannot access /proc/meminfo: Permission denied
1   257        bus       devices      fb           irq        kpagecount     mdstat   net           schedstat  swaps          tty
10  377        cgroups   diskstats    filesystems  kallsyms   kpageflags     meminfo  pagetypeinfo  scsi       sys            uptime
15  522        cmdline   dma          fs           kcore      latency_stats  misc     partitions    self       sysrq-trigger  version
16  542        consoles  dri          interrupts   key-users  loadavg        modules  pidsu         slabinfo   sysvipc        vmallocinfo
18  acpi       cpuinfo   driver       iomem        keys       locks          mounts   procprotect   softirqs   timer_list     vmstat
19  buddyinfo  crypto    execdomains  ioports      kmsg       lxcsu          mtrr     sched_debug   stat       timer_stats    zoneinfo

bash-4.2# ls -l /proc | grep meminfo
ls: cannot access /proc/meminfo: Permission denied
-?????????  ? ?    ?                  ?            ? meminfo

bash-4.2# cat /proc/meminfo
cat: /proc/meminfo: Permission denied

we rebuild libvirt-1.0.2 more or less as is modulo a few features that are turned off, our specfile can be found here

the most obvious difference between both builds lies in using fuse:
# fuse is used to provide virtualized /proc for LXC
%if 0%{?fedora} >= 17 || 0%{?rhel} >= 7
    %define with_fuse      0%{!?_without_fuse:1}

I was wondering what exactly should be the requirements on the root context for running this properly
In particular the fuse rpm was not pulled as part of the libvirt dependencies, which might be an omission ?
Can I expect my problem to go away if I make sure fuse gets installed ?
Otherwise where should I try to look to solve this issue ?

many thanks in advance -- Thierry

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