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[libvirt] Mentors and project ideas wanted for GSoC 2013

QEMU will apply to Google Summer of Code 2013 on Monday 18th March.
We need the have project ideas ready as part of QEMU's application as
a GSoC 2013 organization.

The wiki is still sparse so I'm asking that everyone posts their project ideas:


Quick recap: Google Summer of Code is a 12-week program where
university students are funded to contribute to open source projects.
QEMU will apply and we need project ideas that students can work on
this summer.  The experience can be very rewarding for students and
mentors, and QEMU has participated in past years.

Each project idea needs a QEMU contributor who is willing to mentor a
student.  At the bottom of the wiki page there is information if you
want to find out what mentoring is all about.

If you have questions about posting project ideas or mentoring, please
respond or ping me on IRC!

CCed a subset of folks who might be interested.


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