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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv4 0/9] Introduce driver specific callbacks and get rid of irrelevant data in virCaps

On 03/15/13 16:26, Peter Krempa wrote:
This series now splits out almost everything
from the virCaps object (except for the defaultConsoleTargetType
callback that I will post later as It requires more tweaking).

See notes in individual patches for change summary.

Ping? Anybody that could spare some time to do a review?



Peter Krempa (9):
   conf: Add post XML parse callbacks and prepare for cleaning of virCaps
   qemu: Record the default NIC model in the domain XML
   virCaps: get rid of "defaultInitPath" value in the virCaps struct
   virCaps: get rid of defaultDiskDriverName
   virCaps: get rid of emulatorRequired
   conf: Enforce ranges on cputune variables
   virCaps: remove defaultDiskDriverType from the struct
   virCaps: Get rid of hasWideScsiBus
   virCaps: get rid of macPrefix field

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